Stainless Steel Fan Heaters

The Exal series of electric fan heaters have been in the market place since 1978 and have well proven themselves as the ideal heater for the Factory, Warehouse Glasshouse, Poultry or Piggery shed. Each Exal heater is fitted with a high volume/low noise fan that passes up to twice the amount of   airflow over the elements, thereby generating a modest air output temperature of only 55 deg Celsius. However this large volume of warm air is easily distributed throughout the room by the efficient With the lower temperature gradient, the gentle air movement will distribute it widely and thoroughly to maximum effect without dehydrating or otherwise disturbing the crop.

The EXAL range is available in two sizes with three models in each size.

The Exal heaters come complete with all control equipment fitted as standard.  These include the isolator, contactors, thermostat, control fuse, overrun timer, three overheat safety devices, a fan failure switch and cold run switch.

All 3000 and 4000 Series heaters have been designed to last even in a corrosive environment.