Extraction Fans

Exal import the excellent Euroemme wall fan series and the EM 50 is the largest size we have. These are complete units and provide very large volumes of airflow. With galvanized steel cabinets, stainless steel blades and galvanized automatic louvers, a choice of single and three phase as well as guards over the louvres, propeller, pulleys and fan belt they are a world wide industry standard and excellently priced.

Air Inlets

The access of airflow into a house is very critical to effective environment control and fan performance. This must be sized correctly to minimize the air velocity and suction loading on the fan blades. Exal provide a range of sizes with aluminium frames and UPVC louvres which are all automatic and can build custom sizes to fit most situations.

Evaporative Cooling Inlet Systems

The Evaporation process is the oldest and most economical method of cooling air or product known to man and is fundamentally very simple. Celdek Evaporative media is a cellulose honeycomb product that wets very thoroughly and allows a maximum surface area to incoming air.  As incoming air is drawn through the media, moisture evaporates from the honeycomb surface and chills the air in the process. The Evaporative Cooling Inlets incorporate Celdek Evaporative Cooling media in rigid sheets 1000mm high x 600mm wide x 100mm thick.  Fitted into an aluminium framework and installed into a wall opposite a fan, air is drawn through the media and may cool the incoming air by up to 30% The media is kept damp by a minimal water flow from a perforated pipe fitted along the top.

Stirrer Fans

Exal manufacture the widely known stirrer fan which is known as the Vortex fan and distributed by Redpath pacific all over New Zealand and Australia.

The Vortex fan has a powder coated aluminium cowl, polypropylene fan, injection molded safety grills, Injection molded aerofoil uPVC motor mounts and high temperature 100% duty cycle single phase powder coated motor. They have an air throw of approx 45 metres inside a house and when set up properly will gradually set a horizontal airflow around a greenhouse.