Soil Warming Cable

The principal of soil warming cables is the same as that of under floor heating in homes. Depending on the bench size a correct size cable is chosen and buried in coarse sand. When the cable is activated by the built in thermostat it heats the entire mass of sand to the desired temperature. This sand then has huge thermal inertia and therefore stays the same temperature without constantly turning on and off giving better results. The cables are double insulated and have an aluminum internal sheath which allows the cable to be installed with ease. The cables come in 5 standard sizes but custom sizes are no problem.

ET 0-40 Thermostat

It comes complete with a 1 metre long capillary tube that may be fitted into media for accurate remote sensing. It also comes in several options such as standard, phase interrupt, 3 stage and aspirated. All models come in a tough plastic weather proof enclosure and have a control range from 0 -40˚C. They have a large easy read dial and a 15 amp double throw switch for either  heating or cooling. All models can be fitted into our own stainless steel aspirator box which comes complete with fan, guards, cable entry and hanger hooks.

Exal Balance Arm Mist Controller

The balance arm mist controller has been manufactured for many years by Exal and is a cost effective way to automatically water small cuttings. It can be purchased on it’s own or in a misting kit complete with a transformer, solenoid valve, 3 misting nozzles and a wiring loom with full instructions.