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A Little About our team

At Exal Industries, we have been servicing the horticulture industry since 1978 and have huge experience in building glasshouses and greenhouses.

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Meet the Team


Dave Hillman


Dave comes from an engineering background and has spend the last 30 years in the horticultural industry designing and building all types of structures including commercial glasshouses, tunnel houses, animal shelters, shade houses and insulated panel sheds. Dave is also responsible for the design of heating and ventilation systems, propagation systems and shade/energy screens.


Dean Anderson

Site Manager

Dean has been with the company for over 15 years and in that time has gathered a huge amount of knowledge on the construction and maintenance of all horticultural buildings. Dean has worked with Dutch crews on several projects and has adopted many of their methods for our own purposes. His knowledge of screen systems, glasshouses and plastic greenhouses is second to none in New Zealand. Dean is also responsible for overseeing on site health and safety.


Vincent Schmelz

Site Foreman

Vincent (Vinnie) leads our emergency response team which will go anywhere, anytime to undertake repairs to any type of greenhouse, glasshouse or shade house. No matter what the size or where the location maybe, Vinnie and his crew offer a fast, reliable, efficient service with a positive, friendly attitude. When not doing repair work, Vinnie will be leading his team on our other various construction sites.


Olivia Kennedy

Office Manager

Olivia started with us in 2016 and is our office manager and first point of call for the company. Olivia is also responsible for all administration, vehicle, machinery and personnel certification.