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CSM Glasshouse

In March 2017 Exal was approached by a client to build and commission a 4000m2 Dutch glasshouse complete with energy screen and diffused glass and A.R coating. The glasshouse structure consisted of ladder type posts with a height of 6.85 metres to gutters and complete powder coated structure and concrete nib walls. The house was a custom design for the client as it had to fit a restricted access site and attach onto an existing glasshouse onsite. Exal liaised with the client’s pile driving and earth-moving contractors onsite to drive timber foundation posts on our gridded surveyed site , remove existing foundations and complete relevelling with seamless interaction between all contractors. As the greenhouse was custom made and there was no room for error, our project manager and site manager met with the Dutch design team whilst in Holland on other business. During this time we were able to discuss and resolve any problem areas, with Exal designing the connection between the existing 5 metre and new 7 metre houses. Because of the limited access to two and a half sides of the glasshouse our safety and management teams got together to design then implement new building and glazing techniques custom to the clients site as not to hinder progress. On completion of the job the client approached the managing director to quote for the next project.

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