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Van Lier

After dismantling the glasshouse from another location, Exal constructed the second-hand house on a new foundation at the current site. With the layout of the glasshouse changing to meet the client’s needs - Exal had to reconfigure the internal materials and order new materials to match up with the existing, with Exals experience this was able to be done with no obvious differences. Also included in the rebuild was the addition of a new insulated panel packing shed, because this was an addition to an older style glasshouse special connection areas had to be designed and fitted with Exal playing the major roll in the design and fitting of these areas. The requirement for the client was to have separate propagating cells within the glasshouse. Exal's design team came up with a very very cost-effective solution for this. Exal sourced and manufactured all of these materials from a partner's Silverdale based workshop to minimize freight and time delays.

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