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Wilton Farms

In early 2015 Exal partnered with Redpath Pacific to undertake a 1 hectare (11,088 m²) beef raring shed for B & R Farms in Otiao, South Canterbury. This was to be the largest animal shelter to be constructed in New Zealand. Because of Exal’s vast experience in large scale projects -many of the systems and procedures we had in place could be adapted to this particular project. Exal’s investment into machinery and staff training meant we could deliver an industry leading result inside the tight time constraints that many other contractors would not have been able to deliver on a project of this scale. With Exal’s ability to site and project manage meant they took charge of the timing and contractors onsite, meaning there was seamless integration between construction, earth-moving and drainage crews avoiding any overlapping or major delays. On completion of the shed Exal assisted B & R Farms in designing and sourcing a maintenance free, cost effective LED lighting system. Exal undertakes a regular maintenance schedule on the shelter to help avoid any breakdown or loss of income when it is in full production.

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